Verb drill in Present, Future, Imperfect using 1st, 2nd, and 3rd conjugation verbs from chapters 1-8

Vocabulary used in this quiz is from chapters 1-8 of Wheelock's Latin. Click here for the vocabulary list if you can't remember a word.

Directions: Print out this page and write in your answers. THEN, click here to get the answer sheet. Check your own work.  

Translate the following verbs, keeping the person and number the same, but changing the tense:

conjugation # present imperfect future
2 terrent terrebant terrebunt
1 cenat cenabat cenabit
3 agunt agebant agent
2 videt videbat videbit
3 disco discebam discam
irr potest poterat poterit
3 scribit scribebat scribet
3 trahimus trahebamus trahemus
3 vinco vincebam vincam
2 monetis monebatis monebitis
1 superas superabas superabis
3 ducis ducebas duces
irr est erat erit
1 culpamus culpabamus culpabimus
3 scribimus scribebamus scribemus
2 audeo audebam audebimus
1 necant necabant necabunt
1 vocat vocabat vocabit
3 agimus agebamus agemus
3 discunt discebant discent
1 erratis errabatis errabitis
1 amat amabat amabit
1 demonstro demonstrabam demonstrabo
2 debent dÍbebant debebunt
3 trahunt trahebant trahent

when you are done, just close this window. Don't forget to print out this sheet and hand it in with YOUR answers! Mistakes are OK - in fact, they help me to see what I need to go over more with you.

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