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Email: jsiegel@hsc.edu
Website: http://people.hsc.edu/drjclassics/ (index page, recommended for browsing)


  • 1994, Ph.D. Comparative Literature (classical languages and literatures), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.  Dissertation: "Child-Feast and Revenge: Ovid and the Myth of Procne, Philomela and Tereus" (Director: Steven Walker)

  • 1984  M.A., Comparative Literature (Latin and Greek), Washington University in St. Louis, Mo

  • 1983  B.A., Comparative Literature (Latin and French), Washington University in St. Louis, Mo

Teaching Appointments:

  • May Term 2006 Illinois Wesleyan University. "Murder and Revenge in Greek and Roman Drama"

  • 2005-2006 Illinois State University, Department of English. Adjunct.
    research year funded by a Loeb Classical Library Foundation grant ($30,000)

  • 2001-2005 Illinois State University, Department of Foreign Languages faculty profile published in the ISU Report

  • 1996-2001 Temple University, Intellectual Heritage Program

  • 1992-1996  The Wardlaw-Hartridge School, Upper School English teacher (prep school)

  • 1989-1992  The Wardlaw-Hartridge School, teacher/creator of Middle School Latin Program

  • 1986-1992  Rutgers University, graduate instructor in the Departments of Classics, Comparative Literature, and English


  • (forthcoming) "The Poetics of Power in Ovid's Procne," Classical Philology (approx. 30 pages)

  • "Tennessee Williams Suddenly Last Summer and Euripides Bacchae," International Journal of the Classical Tradition 11:4 (Spring 2005), 538-70.

  • "The Classical Side of Tennessee Williams," Theatron, Spring 2004, 18-20.

  • "Notable Websites: Dr. J's Illustrated Guide to the Classical World" in Amphora 2.2 (Fall 2003), 12-13.

  • Editor, "Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Teachers of Classics" in Classical Worlds "Texts and Technology 2004: Resources for Teachers," Special Survey Issue, Vol. 97.3 (Spring 2004), 285-362; Vol. 95.3 (Spring 2002), 265-343; Vol. 93.4 (March-April 2000), 367-448.

  • "Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover: A Cockney Procne" in Classical Culture and Myth in the Cinema, ed. Martin M. Winkler (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001), 233-257. Reviews in BMCR 2001.12.13 and Amphora 2.1 (2001)

Under Review:

  • "The Coens' O Brother Where Art Thou and Homer's Odyssey" (word count: ~17,000)

Works in Progress:

  •  (in progress) Monograph entitled Ovids Procne (Met.6.424-674): A Case Study in Intertext. The study identifies the theme (the dangers of human power unbridled) and literary form (dramatic structure, according to Horaces Ars Poetica, with elements of elegy, epic, tragedy, and epyllion) of Ovids Procne, contextualizes the episode within Ovids own corpus (in Book Six of the Metamorphoses, in the divine vengeance section of the poem, in the poem as a whole, and in terms of his other writings including the Fasti, Amores, Ars Amatoria, Remedia Amoris, and Tristia), and details how the poet ironically and painstakingly reworks texts by Virgil (Aeneid IV) and by Euripides (Bacchae) for his unique purposes.
  • "The Influence of Classical Literature on the Art of Tennessee Williams"

On-Line Projects:

Teaching Interests: Latin language and literature, mythology, the classical tradition (specifically classical elements in film, art, and poetry), Great Books, Greek civilization and literature, classics in translation, and the intersection of classical literature and material culture.

University Teaching:

  • Latin grammar: all undergraduate levels with Wheelock (ISU and Rutgers) and Oerberg (TU)
  • Latin literature: small seminars and independent studies focused mostly on Ovid, Virgil, Cicero, Livy (ISU).
  • Classical Mythology (general education course): myth and its reception, small and large class sizes (ISU and Rutgers)
  • "Religious Foundations of Greek Institutions," Honors Seminar (TU)
  • "Intellectual Heritage" (general education), standard and honors versions: a required writing-intensive course in great books/ideas from Sappho to Shakespeare (five years at TU) sample syllabus
  • Chaucer and Ovid: Comparative Literature course for advanced Latin students (team-taught with a colleague in English, ISU)
  • English Composition/Expository Writing, from remedial through honors (Rutgers, TU)
  • Guest lecturer/discussion leader on a variety of topics, including Cocteau's film Orphee (art history graduate course, ISU) and connections between the film O Brother Where Art Thou and Homer's Odyssey (Heartland Community College myth class), Socrates and the Apology (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Outside Reader, 2002 Senior Honors Thesis of Anthony Lee Pacchia, Classics Department, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, "A Reconsideration of Libertine Gnosticism." Thesis Director: Andrew Szegedy-Maszak
  • In-class honors project supervision and grant-supported project work (variety)

Papers Presented at Professional Conferences (selected in open competition):

  • 2005 "Tennessee Williams and Classics," CAMWS, Madison, Wisconsin on-line abstract and program

  • 2005 "Ovid's Procne: An Ironic Reflection of Euripides' Bacchae," APA, Boston on-line abstract

  • 2004 "Euripides Bacchae as an Inverted Model for Ovids Procne," CAMWS, St. Louis abstract | on-line program

  • 2003 "The Pentheus Theme in Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer" at the (UK) Classical Association's Centenary Conference at the University of Warwick, England abstract

  • 2003 "Rapists in Ovid: The Penis Mightier than the Sword" at CAMWS, Lexington on-line program | abstract

  • 2003 "Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer and the Rites of Dionysus," APA on the KINHMA panel, New Orleans on-line program | on-line abstract

  • 2002 "Tela Latina: Teaching Latin on the Web in the 21st Century," at Ancient Studies -- New Technology II: The World Wide Web and Scholarly Research, Communication, and Publication in Ancient, Byzantine, and Medieval Studies, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ on-line program | abstract | presentation

  • 2002 "Beating Horace at His Own Game: Ovid's Metamorphoses as Counterpoint to Horace's Ars Poetica," CAMWS, Austin on-line program | abstract

  • 2000 "The Grand Allusion: Virgil's Aeneid IV and Ovid's Procne," APA, Dallas abstract on-line

  • 1999 "Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover: A Cockney Procne," PAMLA, Portland abstract

  • 1999 "Ovid's Surprising Homage to Virgil," CAAS, Washington D.C.

  • 1997 "An Apologia for Procne," APA, Chicago abstract

  • 1997 "Procne the Avenging Heroine" (illustrated); Mythology Conference, University of Reading (England) abstract

  • 1997 "Dispensing with Dionysus," CAAS, Wilmington abstract

  • 1997 "The Oresteia: Bringing Structure and Unity to the College Core Course," ACTC, Philadelphia lecture on-line

  • "Procne and Medea: Sisters of Vengeance or Partners in Crime?," CAAS, Baltimore 1996 abstract

  • 1995 "The Myth of Procne in Art and Iconography Throughout the Ages" (illustrated), CAAS, Rutgers

  • 1993 "Humanity is Only Skin-Deep: Internal Metamorphoses in Ovid's Text," CAAS, Annapolis

  • 1992 "Child-Feast as Symbolic Castration (Food for Thought)," CAAS, Philadelphia

  • 1989 "Translating Latin: The Aristaeus Epyllion in Virgil's Georgics," IPPL, George Mason University

  • 1989 "Electra and Clytemnestra: The Hidden Polarity," CAAS, Maryland

Invited Talks (items marked with *** earned teachers continuing education credit):

  • 2006 Topic TBA. University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • 2006 Topic TBA. University of Illinois, Champaign.

  • 2005 "Intratextuality in Ovid's Metamorphoses: Focus on the Procne." Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

  • 2003 "Classics and Comparative Literature: Virtual Cousins" at the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Rutgers Universitys Graduate School, New Brunswick, New Jersey program

  • 2003 "Tela Latina: Teaching Latin on the Web in the 21st Century," at the (UK) Classical Association's Centenary Conference at the University of Warwick, England ***

  • 2003 "Ovids Use of Virgil" at the Illinois Classical Conference, University of Chicago abstract ***

  • 2002 "Ovids Tale of Procne: Violent Images of Sex and Power," Department of Foreign Languages, ISU

  • 2002 "Love and Lust in Ovid," Illinois Classical Conference program ***

  • 2002 "Dionysian Irony in Ovid's Tale of Procne, Philomela, and Tereus," Department of Classics, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana published announcement

  • 2002 "Teaching Classics With Technology," Conference on Teaching with Technology, ISU abstract | conference agenda | on-line outline

  • 2002 "Teaching Romans in Germany: the Antonine Period" with the Internet" as part of a Teacher Workshop on "Romans in Germany" (TU) ***

  • 2001 "In the Footsteps of Orestes: the Intersection of Myth, Literature and Archaeology in Greece" (illustrated), Illinois Wesleyan University

  • 2001 "Teaching Romans in Gaul with the Internet" as part of a Teacher Workshop on "Romans in Gaul" TU ***

  • 2001 "Teaching Romans in Germany with the Internet" as part of a Teacher Workshop on "Romans in Germany" TU ***

  • 2001 Bridging the Gender Gap in Greek Religion," as part of a workshop for K-16 teachers on "Issues of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Teaching Classical Mythology," University of Maryland ***

  • 2001 Panelist, "The Changing Nature of Faculty Work," conference on Teaching and Learning, TU

  • 2001 "How We Know What We Know About the Ancient Greeks (illustrated)," Classical Humanities Society of South Jersey 2000-2001 Public Lecture Series ***

  • 2000 "The Greek Myth Mystique," Temple University Public Lecture Series

  • 2000 Intellectual Heritage on the Web at a Faculty Technology workshop in June and August TU

  • "What's So Special about the Greeks", at Faculty Seminars designed to instruct non-classicist faculty how to present classical material to core curriculum students (Temple University: program repeated in 1997, 1998, 1999)

  • "Using Digital Cameras and Scanned Photographs in the Classroom," Temple University's Instructional Technology Users (for faculty)

  • 2000 Panel Chair, "Curricular Innovation in the Classical Studies Classroom" ***

  • 2000 "The Wondrous Legacy of the Ancient Greeks," kick-off lecture in the Camden County College (Blackwood Campus) free, public, illustrated lecture series sponsored by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities newsletter article

  • 1997 Respondent, "The New Formalism: A Shift in Ovidian Scholarship"; CAAS, University of Pennsylvania

  • 1997 "The Mythic Hero" (illustrated); Teacher Institute on Mythology, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Lecture on-line ***

  • "Classics in a University Core Curriculum"; New Jersey Classical Association Spring Meeting, Montclair State University

  • 1995 "Report of Hahn Scholarship Recipient" (illustrated), CAAS Friday Night Banquet, Atlantic City report

  • 1994 "Report on Summer NEH Fellowship Experience" at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival Luncheon report

  • 1994 "Approaches to Mythology," Evening Lecture at The Lawrenceville School

Photo Credits

  • Hellenistic-era Castallian Fountain House at the Base of the Phaedriades, Delphi" as cover art for all three issues of Mouseion XLIX-Series III, Vol. 5, 2005.
  • "Mt. Mytikas" in Maija-Leena Kallela and Erkki Palm�'s Clavis Latina, a Finnish-Latin textbook with grammatical exercises (Helsinki 2004); p. 88
  • "Hotel Klitemnistra" Rooms with Bath," in Kathleen L. Komars Reclaiming Klytemnestra: Revenge or Reconciliation (Chicago 2003), p. 168
  • "Laubahn im Gymnasium in Delphi," in Hanns-Peter Mederer's "Die Schaupl�ze der Wettk�pfe und Siegesfeiern in Pindars Epinikien," Antike Welt 4:34 (2003), p. 438
  • "Temple of Apollo at Delphi," cover photo of Temple University: Intellectual Heritage 51 Key Readings, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2001
  • "Second National Bank of the United States, Philadelphia" in Temple University: Intellectual Heritage 52 Key Readings, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2001, plate 2
  • "Royal Stoa, Athenian Agora" in C.C.W. Taylor's A Very Short Introduction to Socrates (Oxford 2001), p. 13.
  • "Theater of Dionysus, Athens" in A.H. Sommerstein's Theatron: Teatro greco, tr. F. De Martino (Bari 2000), fig. 1, p. 215


  • 2002-06 Resolutions Committee member (CAMWS)

  • 2001-05 Faculty Advisor, Classics Club (ISU)

  • 2003-04 College Curriculum Committee secretary (ISU)

  • 2002-04 College Curriculum Committee member (ISU)

  • 2003 Co-Director, Tela Latina: Latin on the Web in the 21st Century program outline | survey | results

  • 2002-03 LILT (Laboratory for Integrated Learning and Technology) Faculty Advisory Committee member (ISU)

  • 2001-02 Recruitment Committee member, Department of Foreign Languages (ISU)

  • 2000-01 Internet Coordinator for the Intellectual Heritage Program (TU)

  • 1998-00 Regional Representative (Southern Jersey) and member of Executive Board (CAAS)

  • Fall 2000 Meeting Programming Committee member (CAAS)

  • 2000-01 Ketels Teaching and Service Award Selection Committee chair (TU)

  • 1999-00 Ketels Teaching and Service Award Selection Committee member (TU)

  • 2000-01 Intellectual Heritage Policy Committee member (by university-wide election) (TU)

  • 2000-01 Webmaster, The Intellectual Heritage Program Faculty Website, archived (TU)
    Credits: all editing, design, compiling and writing unless otherwise specified

  • 1999-01 Webmaster, The Intellectual Heritage Program Website, archived (TU)
    Credits: all editing, design, and compiling of data

  • 1997 Faculty Mentor for Ronald McNair Teacher-In-Training Program (TU)

Awards, Grants, and Honors:

         2005-06 Loeb Classical Library Foundation Research Grant for book project, Ovid and the Art of the Inverted Allusion: the Procne (Met. 6.424-674) as Case Study grant application ($30,000)

         2003 Development Grant from CAMWS to convert data from Dr. Js Audio-Visual Resources for Classics website into a relational, searchable on-line database grant application | access to completed project at The Stoa

         2003 Instructional Technology Development Grant (ISU) to purchase a digital camera to develop instructional on-line materials grant application

         2002 New Faculty Initiative Research Grant (ISU) for project entitled Dispensing With Dionysus in Ovids Tale of Procne, Philomela and Tereus grant application

         2001 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) mini-grant (ISU) grant application | announcement on CAT website | announcement in print | survey | final results

         2001 Fellowship in the State Farm Distance Education Training Program (ISU) application

         2001 and 2000 Nominated by honors students for Honors Professor of the Year (TU)

         2000 Nominated by the Associate Dean for College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Teaching Award, Temple University

         1999 Violet B. Ketels Award for Excellence in Teaching in and Extraordinary Service to the Intellectual Heritage Program at Temple University announcement in The Faculty Herald

         1999 Public Programs Development Grant from CAAS for Dr. J's Illustrated Guide to the Classical World

         1996 Summer Scholars Program, Center for Hellenic Studies

         1995 Fulbright Scholarship for study at The American School for Classical Studies at Athens

         1995 Adelaide E. Hahn Scholarship (CAAS)

         1994 NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers Grant, Ovids Metamorphoses: Myth in its Physical and Poetic Landscapes. Location: Spetses, Greece NEH report; Editor, Creative Anthology

         1994 Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Travel Grant to Spetses, Greece

         1990 Nominated for the Rutgers University FAS Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education

         1989 Excellence Fellowship, The Graduate School, Rutgers University

         1989 Named "favorite teacher" by Minority Student Council of Douglass College

         1983-84 Washington University Master's Tuition Scholarship

Teaching Interests: Latin language and literature, mythology, the classical tradition, Great Books, Greek civilization and literature, classics in translation, classical archaeological sites and material culture

Languages studied at the graduate level: Latin, Greek, French, Proven�/span>al

Memberships in Professional Associations: APA, ACL, CAMWS, ICC


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