DUE: May 10, 1999



or add this topic: 4. The story of Sundiata as it was told to Niane was influenced by Islamic religious beliefs. Taking into account what you have read in the Koran, how much Islamic influence can you find in the story? Discuss how you think the Islamic religious elements influence the story. Is it important or insignificant? Why? Hint: consider such themes as group membership, the distinction between the righteous and the unbelievers, Allah's Will, mercy, ideas of law, justice and punishment... Be sure to provide organization to your essay - do not just list random thoughts!


or this topic: 4. Compare the treatment and roles of women in the Sundiata to other IH 51 texts in this unit: the Old and New Testaments or the Koran. Be specific and detailed, using quotations to support. You can compare how women deal with political power, family loyalties, destiny and free will, sexuality or ambition. Be sure to provide organization to your essay - do not just list random thoughts!

You will be writing a 3 page essay on whether or not Machiavelli would have considered one of the following leaders successful:


1. Consider whether Machiavelli would have considered your leader of choice to be a good ruler. Take care to have a good understanding of the traits Machiavelli considers good ones before you begin your study. Remember - don't ignore material that does not fit into your argument. No one ruler is ever going to fit anyone's paradigm (model) perfectly. But account for the differences. Feel free even to disagree with Machiavelli if your leader happens to achieve success in a way rejected by Machiavelli as a good technique. Be specific and refer to both texts directly. Be careful to write a tightly organized essay - no extraneous paragraphs and no vague discussions. Remember that your thesis must argue one side of the issue or the other. Do NOT simply supply a collection of observations, no matter how good they are.

Do NOT write on any other leader presented in our texts. If you have what you think is a good suggestion for another possibility, ASK me. You could luck out!