"The Greek Mythology Mystique"
an illustrated tour presented by

Dr. Janice Siegel

Date: Wednesday, December 6
Time: 1:30 - 2:30
Place: Kiva Auditorium, Ritter Hall Annex
Temple University

Do the tales from Greek mythology have any basis in reality?

Did the stories we enjoy reading over and over ever actually take place? Was there a time
when "the gods walked the earth with men?"
Come on a magical tour of real-life archaeological sites in Greece we know through the tales of mythological characters made famous by the epics of Homer, the plays of Aeschylus, the "histories" of Herodotus and Pausanias, the library of Apollodorus, the poems of Ovid.

Visit the halls of Mycenae where Clytemnestra screamed as her son Orestes axed her to death... tour the labrynith where Theseus fought and killed a man-eating minotaur, half bull- half man... peer into the Aegean Sea from the spot on Cape Sounion where his father King Aegeus leaped to his death... see the entry to the underworld at Eleusis through which Demeter's daughter Persephone rejoined her mother after being married to Hades... see the actual sacred olive tree planted by Athena on the day she beat Poseidon in a contest for the patronage of ancient Athens... even visit the spot on Crete where Zeus
is said to have raped Io... and end your tour with a hike up Mt. Olympos, legendary home of the gods.

IMG0069MID.jpg (9405 bytes)
Clytemnestra's living room,
Temple of Apollo in Delphi, 
home of the sacred oracle
Athena's sacred olive tree on the Acropolis, Athens
IMG0026MID.jpg (10518 bytes) 9403MID.jpg (5069 bytes)
The Ploutonion,
Entry to the underworld, Eleusis
Temple of Poseidon, Sounion Bull Dance or Man-Eating Minotaur from Cnossos?

Mt. Olympos, home of the gods

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