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Sexual Encounters and Offspring

Apollo and Thalia

The Corybantes

Apollo and Psmathe: Psmathe’s father killed the child with his sheepdogs. As a punishment, Apollo sent Vengeance (snatched children from their mothers) to the city. Coroebus slew Vengeance. Second punishment, Apollo sent a plague to the city.

Apollo and Phthia

Dorus, Laodocus, Polypoetes: Aetolus killed them when he fled to Curetian Country (stayed in Apollo’s sons house) after killing Apis.

Apollo and Melia

Tenerus and Idmenus: Melia’s father sent her brother (Caanthus) to bring Melia back. Caanthus set fire to The Precinct of Apollo. Apollo shot him.

Apollo and Manto

Mopsus—sharp sight of exact divination. Knew the number of pigs a sow would Have and when she would have them. When he challenged Calchas, and Calchas was wrong, he died of a broken heart.

Apollo and Hyacinth: Apollo loved Hyacinth and involuntarily killed him with his quoit. Statue of Hyacinth as an old bearded man but he is painted in his prime to hint at Apollo’s love for him.

Apollo and Daphne: Apollo and Leucippus loved Daphne. Daphne did not like men. Leucippus dressed like a woman and befriended Daphne. Apollo jealous. Then Daphne and friends desired to go swimming—found Leucippus out and killed him.

Apollo and Bolina: Apollo loved Bolina. She threw herself into the sea then Apollo made her immortal.

Apollo and Coronis: Asclepius-born in the country of the Epidaurians. While with child, Coronis slept with Ischys. To punish, Artemis killed her but Artemis snatched the child from the pyre.

Fights and Other Encounters

Apollo and Idas fought over Marpessa: Zeus parted them and let Marpessa choose. She Chose Idas because she feared Apollo would leave her in her old age.

Apollo, Laocoon, and Laocoon’s two sons: As a Thymbraen Apollo Priest, Laocoon slept with his wife in front of the divine image. As a punishment Apollo killed Laocoon and his two sons. Another version says Apollo only killed the two sons so Laocoon could lament fate.

Apollo and Linus: Apollo killed Linus because Linus won a reputation for music greater than any other contemporary or predecessor. Apollo saw Linus as a rival in singing.

Apollo and Heracles: Heracles went to the Oracle for prophecy but the oracle wouldn’t tell him anything because Heracles was guilty of Iphitus’ death. Angry, Heracles took the tripod and Apollo fought Heracles for it. Once the tripod was restored the oracle spoke to Heracles.

Ephialtes (Giant): Apollo shot Ephialtes in the left eye with his arrow and Heracles shot the Giant in the right eye.

Marsyas: Apollo and Marsyas had a music contest with the lyre. Apollo turned his lyre upside down and Marsyas couldn’t so Apollo was judged the winner. The winner could have his way with the loser. Apollo hung Marsyas on a tall pine tree and stripped off his skin.

Hermes and Ares: At the Olympic Games Apollo outran Hermes and beat Ares at boxing. This is why the Pythian flute song (sacred to Apollo) is played while pentathlon competitors are jumping.

Admetus: Apollo served Admetus. He yoked a lion so Admetus could have permission to marry Alcestia from her father. In the wedding ceremony, Admetus forgot to sacrifice to Artemis so as a consequence, he found snakes in his wedding chamber. Apollo helped him appease the goddess and Admetus gained the favor of the fates that he’d be released from death if someone else would die for him. Alcestia died for Admetus.

Heracles: Apollo gave Heracles a bow and arrows after he learned the art of archery.

Hermes: Stole Apollo’s cows and Apollo takes pleasure in oxen and he tended cows for a wage.

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