Prep for Calculus

Math 105 - Fall 2020

Basic Info



  Class     Date     Topic     Exercises  
1   Nov 9     Fractions and Rational Expressions   Day 1
2   Nov 11     Solving Linear Equations   Day 2
3   Nov 16     Distribution and Factoring   Day 3
4   Nov 18     Powers and Radicals   Day 4
5   Nov 30     Rates, Units, and Percents  
6   Dec 2     Functions and Function Notation  
7   Dec 7     Solving Polynomial Equations  
8   Dec 9     Inequalities and Absolute Values  

Course Description

Math 105 is a review of the algebra and arithmetic needed in calculus. The goal of Math 105 is not to teach you new math, it is to review things that you already know, or have at least seen before. The emphasis is on getting as much practice as possible in a short amount of time.

Attendance Policy

We only have eight class meetings. So attendance is crucial. However, if you have a fever or are not feeling well, then please do not come to class that day. As long as you let me know the reason for your absence, I will do my best to help you stay caught up and make up any material that you missed. The key is to communicate with me when you aren’t able to attend class.

Office Hours

My office hours are shown above on my weekly schedule. I am also available by appointment. My office is in Blake B-2, which is one of the Blake apartments. You can find it on this map. It looks like a student apartment, but I am using it as my office while the new science building is being built. During my regularly scheduled office hours the front door should be unlocked, so feel free to come in. I’ll be right upstairs. If you would prefer to schedule online office hours, let me know and I’ll be happy to set up a Zoom meeting.

Grading Policy

There won’t be any tests for grades in Math 105. Instead, your grade will be completely based on the number of assigned problems that you solve. Each class will include time to work on assigned problems. I will grade these problems after class, and you will have the opportunity to resubmit any problems that you did not get correct. If you aren’t able to turn in your solutions in person, then you can send a scanned PDF file to me by e-mail. I recommend using the CamScanner app which is available for free for both Android and iOS.

Special Accommodations

In compliance with the Hampden-Sydney College policy and equal access laws, I am available to discuss appropriate academic accommodations that may be recommended for students with disabilities. Requests for academic accommodations are to be made at the beginning of the semester (except for unusual circumstances) so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Students are required to contact the Office of Academic Success in order to verify their eligibility for appropriate accommodations.

Virtual Learning Plan

If we need to switch to an online virtual course at any point during the semester, the basic outline and schedule of topics for the course will remain the same. We will use Zoom to complete the meetings and you can scan your solutions to in-class problems and e-mail them to me after class.