Essay # 3: The Nature and Appeal of Ghost Stories


In writing this essay, students were responding to the ghost stories, as well as the articles and excerpts from articles or books by scholars of supernatural fiction, that students in Rhetoric 102-17 had read during the first half of the semester. Drawing on their reading, students composed a persuasive argument that explored the nature and appeal of ghost stories. The following essays are the result of their efforts.


Ben Brawley Rationalists in Ghost Stories
Bryan Breedlove Sum of All Fears
Brett Chonko Ghost Stories, Our Terrific Teachers
Ben Cronly Descriptions of Ghosts
Matt HIll The Physical Presence of a Ghost
Charles Lacy Enjoyable Horror
Sean Lynch Fear: The Essence of Life
Daniel Mutispaugh Rational versus Paranormal
Chaz Peebles The Functionality of Fear
Phillip Rice The Medium of Primal Needs in Ghost Stories
Ross Turner The Reason for the Rationalist
Gordon Wadsworth Escape and Exorcism
Evan Weinzierl Age of Reason: Dead Wrong
John West How Ghost Stories Connect Reality and Fiction