November 27th, 2021

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I am the Thompson Professor of Philosophy at Hampden-Sydney College. Here alumni, students, and other interested persons can find pictures of past courses and other miscellany associated with my academic and personal activities. Aside from being a philosopher, I am a strategy war-gamer, a novice bagpiper, an amateur basketball player, and an aficionado of intellectual virtues.

These pages are always under construction and being updated.


2020-2021 Academic year

At Hampden-Sydney College



"The same faculty of reason and understanding, which placeth us above the brute part of creation, doth also subject our minds to greater and more manifold disquiets than creatures of an inferior rank are sensible of." (George Berkeley, "Immortality" The Guardian

"Beware the creature you meet who has no intellectual ambitions or worse yet claims to be at peace with himself - he is but a brute and far less predictable." (Anon.)



My curriculum vitae (pdf)



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