October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures Part 1: London to Helsinki, Finland. 

Leaving 1 August 2007, I first stopped briefly in London to visit Nuria Garrido, a friend for many years.

On the 5th, I arrived in Helsinki, Finland, for an International Berkeley Conference. Here is a shot of some of the islands just outside of Helsinki.

In Helsinki, these people are washing their rugs on platforms built especially for this task. Apparently rug washing is a tradition in the summer next to the Baltic Sea.

An abstract monument commemorating the Finnish composer Sibelius.

The major Orthodox cathedral in Helsinki.

Statue in the main plaza in Helsinki, commemorating Tsar Alexander II. Behind you can just see the Lutheran church.

The main Lutheran church in Helsinki.

A broader view of the central square in Helsinki.

In downtown Helsinki, looking down the esplanade.

During the conference, we were invited to a reception held by the Charge d'Affairs of the Embassy of Ireland in Helsinki. Here I am with Richard Brook (Bloomsburg University).

A picture of the Finnish flag on the ferry to the fortress island outside of Helsinki.

Two pictures of the fortress island near Helsinki.

A picture of the central area of Helsinki as seen from the ferry returning to the main port.

A wider view of the city of Helsinki from the returning ferry.

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