October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 6: A night with Kreatiiv Motoor

On 6 Sept I headed out and joined friends (Paul McLaughlin and his girlfriend Marta) at 'Club Rock & Roll' (which is in the basement of the social sciences building of the university) in Tartu to watch Roomet's band 'Kreatiiv Motoor' perform as a part of the music festival 'eclectica.'

Kreatiiv Motoor is a small band. Here Roomet (lead singer) in doing his thing. To be honest, the music was unusual (I call it Estonian art rock) but the performance was the best part. Roomet has a flair that makes it work. The club is small, but it was filled with people for the evening.

More of Kreatiiv Motoor. One of the reasons I came to Tartu was to work with Roomet, who is an accomplished early modern philosophy scholar with many Berkeley articles to his credit. At least he has options outside of academia.

And just one more shot to give you a sense of the band. I was experimenting with this shot with the 'no flash' option, trying to hold the camera really still to prevent blur.

The club was filled with philosophy-types. This is Indrek on the left, a MA student at Tartu. I think he said his thesis concerned something about Sellarsian manifest/scientific image stuff.

Paul, Indrek, and myself having a happy moment. The white piece of paper in my pocket contains the lyrics for one of Roomet's songs. He handed it out so we could sing along.

Left: Me with Triin and Aire. Triin is the coordinator for the Centre for Ethics and Aire runs the library in the Centre (among other tasks). They have both been helpful in getting me settled and more or less keeping me out of trouble.



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