October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 7: A random rainy September day in Tartu

A statue behind the main university building of the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus II, the founder of the University of Tartu in 1632.

Out east of the university but in the city, a pretty path in the rain. The day is Saturday the 15th of September. It rains a fair bit in the falls here.

A typical home in Tartu. The colors are all bright pastels (even when fading). The yard is a bit hard to see, but is a well kept contrast to the house itself. This one, like many others, is under rennovation (you can see the building supplies in front under plastic coverings).

The train station in Tartu. It too is undergoing rennovation. When finished it will be quite striking.

An ordinary street in Tartu. The buildings are mostly flats, with some offices sprinkled in among them.

This is one of the high schools in Tartu. Not much to tell a stranger what is here. I play korvpall here twice a week.

Coming down from Tiigi street towards Ulikooli street. People here call the tall building in the background under construction "the snail." It will house (expensive) apartments.

A picture of the front of the entrance to the building where I live. The crest is for Domus Dorpatensis (my landlord). The Centre for Ethics is also housed in this building.

Most of the houses and apartment buildings in the city are cinderblock with a plaster coating on the outside. I've seen them working on repairing and rennovating the outside of buildings - it is labor intensive. It is, however, the traditional method of construction and in order to preserve the historical flair of the city they still use it. There are a (very) few houses with siding though. Every building has double windows - an inner and an outer window that open. A portent of the winter to come....

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