October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 8: A Berkeley Conference in Italy

Roomet and I arrived via Rome and Formia to the seaside town of Gaeta, Italy for an International Berkeley Conference hosted by the University of Cassino. Here I am on the Mediterranean beach at the end of September.

Gaeta sits on a peninsula that rises to rocky cliffs. One day we climbed up the hill overlooking the peninsula. You can see the ocean on both sides of the town. The 'old town' of Gaeta is actually behind me.

On one side of the peninsula sits an old (but active) monastery. Within the monastery is 'Grotto del Turco,' a beautiful grotto. Here is one shot of the rocky inlet.

A better view of the main beach in Gaeta. Oddly, tourist season ends at the beginning of September, so despite the warm weather there were few people around.

Looking toward the 'old town' of Gaeta. The area houses a coast guard unit and other military installations in addition to the old architecture and scenic views.

A view of the old castle. The city of Gaeta was an important fortress for centuries. The castle is now a military base of some sort and we were not allowed to get too near it.

One afternoon, Richard Brook and I decided to find some local cuisine and had lunch at a family restaurant. I had a 'pulpo' salad (octopus). It was good.

The conference picture of the presenters at the conference.

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