October 27th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 9: A sidetrip to Cassino, Italy

On Friday 28 Sept I had the opportunity to go see Cassino and its famous abbey. Founded by St. Benedict in the 6th century C.E., the monastery sits atop a small mountain overlooking the city of Cassino. I took this picture with my telephoto lens from the city below.

The abbey was also the site a long battle in WWII. The abbey was almost completely destroyed in 1944, but was entirely rebuilt right after the war. Most of the portable valuables in the abbey were saved, and I can attest that they were returned. The above is a monument to the Allied bombardment that destroyed the abbey.

Inside the abbey, the courtyard of St. Benedict. The center statue is of the famous founder of the order and the abbey.

The abbey was rebuilt allegedly to its exact medieval state. The basilica was amazing. Here is just one small part of it - replete with gold and ornament.

Among the many valuables held in the abbey is this original painting by Botticelli. I was allowed to take pictures without a flash.

The main courtyard in the abbey. The stairs lead up towards the main basilica, to the right is the garden.

On a nearby adjoining hill lies the Polish cemetary. About 12,000 Polish soldiers fought at the battle of Monte Cassino and many of them died here. The area is both a cemetery and monument. You can see the abbey on the hill.

I traveled to Cassino with Breaux Daniel and her godmother, Stella. Here we are on the road up to the abbey, stopped for a panoramic photo opportunity.

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