October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 11: Rome in half a day

The next day our flight left in the early evening, so we got up early and decided to see ancient Rome. Here I am in front of the coliseum about 8am.We walked a lot of Rome in half a day.

Inside the coliseum, from the second floor. The actual benches and seating were made of wood and hence are long gone. What you see are the stone supports for the seating. They have as a demonstration 1/4 of the floor out, to show the labyrinth beneath the coliseum floor.

Near the coliseum is the Roman Forum and Palatine hill with most of the extant Roman ruins in the city. Here I am looking down on a small portion of the area.

Another portion of the ruins, where a few columns still stand. The entire area is really impressive, if sad.

A closeup of one the several remaining arches.

After exploring the Palatine area, we went to see the Borghese Villa, which houses a collection of sculpture. Unfortunately, we were unable to get tickets to see the museum, but the grounds were really nice.

A reprise - a view of the forum from the coliseum.

One last picture of the forum from atop a hill. We then took thr train to the airport, and returned to Estonia. My luggage took a separate tour of Europe, but I did get it two days later.

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