October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 13: The A.Le Coq Brewery

One fine October Saturday afternoon (20 Oct) I met Paul and Marta and we headed out to the A.Le Coq brewery in Tartu. The brewery is a historic site, having been built in the early 19th century. In addition to beer, the plant bottles juices and soft drinks as well.

The lovely man in the blue was our tour guide. He did not speak English, but the tour was good anyway. Here we are standing in front of one of the mixing tanks.

The holding tanks for the beer. Each has its temperature controlled and holds more than 100,000 litres.

The brewery sits on a small rise and from the top of the brewery the views of Tartu are quite good. We were lucky and it was not raining - this is one of the better weather days in Tartu.

Inside the plant. They were mostly cleaning on a Saturday, but you could see some lines finishing. Here they are finishing bottling 2-litre plastic bottles of beer.

Attached to the brewery is a museum - both of the history of brewing beer and of the plant itself. They have a lot of old equipment from the 19th century.

One old item of interest - this is a bottling machine! Workers would manually put bottles into the sheaths and the machine would clean and then fill the bottle with beer.

After the tour they let us sample a few of the products. Paul and I here enjoy an afternoon aperitif in the museum.

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