October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 14: Otepää and Sangaste Loss

On 26 Oct I was invited to tag along with some friends to see some more of southern Estonia. We first went to Otepää (that is the town hall above), which is a sports resort area. In the summer they have lakes and recreation and in the winter they have skiing and other sporting events.

Near Otepää is Pühajärv, which literally means "holy lake." Apparently the lake is a religious icon of sorts. The Dalai Lama actually planned a special trip and did come to see and bless the lake. Here I am with Maria and Piotr (Marta's parents), Lee Bonass and her son Fredo.

Again on the shores of Pühajärv. I thought the boat (which had seen better days and was being used to hold some plants) was sort of cool in a picturesque sort of way.

Walking around the lake. Fredo decided at the last minute he wanted to be in the picture too.

After the lake, we sought out Sangaste Loss (Sangaste castle). It is locally famous but was hard to find, tucked away along back roads. Apparently at one time the manor was brilliant. They are trying to raise money to fully restore it. Despite the age and wear (it was built in the 19th century) it was impressive.

Inside Sangaste. During the summer and fall I think you can book a room and stay here. I was told that the ballroom and some areas are booked for weddings and parties.

Sangaste from the rear of the estate.

Me proving to you that indeed I was there, and that I am not just borrowing the pictures of other people. I am showing my consternation here that you would think such a thing of me....

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