October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 15: A Finnish Tour, 22-27 Nov 2007

I was invited to present some of my research at two universities in Finland in November 2007. I first traveled to Turku in south-west Finland, where I delivered a paper on the alleged privacy of Berkeleian ideas. Near where I stayed is the Turku Cathedral (Lutheran). I took this shot at about 3pm - and it is nearly dark already.

I gave my paper in Turku on Friday and had Saturday to explore the city. Fortunately it cleared and the day was beautiful. Here I am walking along the river looking back towards the cathedral. The city has about 100,000 people and is quite lovely.

Near the area where the river reaches the sea is an old castle. I toured the castle and the museum inside.

This is an 'environmental monument' - not quite sure what that means.

Perhaps my favorite part of Turku was seeing the 'duckpig.' This large piece of art actually looks over a highway onto the philosophy department (I could see the duckpig from the room where I gave my talk).

Here is the duckpig up close. I am told that in December they put a giant santa's stocking hat on it for the season. Just missed it! I think every philosophy department needs something like a duckpig of its own. I would like HSC to commission a 'tigerpig' or something like it to be erected on the lawn of Morton hall....

Sunday I traveled back to Helsinki and on Monday met with members of the philosophy department at the University of Helsinki. I gave my talk on Tuesday (and returned home by ferry that night). Here is the Alexanderplatz with its large cathedral.

I did not get to see much of Helsinki, but I did manage one trip to the 'Church in Rock.' It is a church carved/blasted out of a huge granite hill. I went mainly to listen to the choir practice, but was happy to discover that soloists were practicing instead. With the church organ and the great acoustics, it was delightful.

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