October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 16: Into the Winter Nov-Dec 2007

A picture of Marksumaja (I teach in the building with the mural) as seen from my flat in mid-November.

The first snow was in mid-November, just before I left for my Finnish trip. Here you can see the fluffy flakes of snow coming down by the Suudlevaad statue in Raekoja plats.

When I returned on 27 Nov from Finland, the lights were up. This is an evening picture of Marksumaja (again from my window) on 28 November. The city has lots of lights, including many in blue and white (national colors).

Looking away from the 'kissing students' fountain on the same day as the picture above. You can barely make out the snow falling.

Overnight on 2 Dec we got a serious snow and I woke up to a completely white world. This is Raekoja plats but with an enormous Christmas tree and lights strung up across the square.

Same place (as at left) except further down the square looking back towards the Town Hall. The hazy area in the center is from a large fire some people were tending while working in the center. On this day, it did not get above 0 C, and mostly hovered around -5 C.

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