October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 19: In pursuit of Berkeley: Dublin

After my lectures in York, Prof. Tom Stoneham (from the University of York) and I went to Ireland in pursuit of information about the 18th century Irish philosopher George Berkeley. Our first stop was Dublin - the city center is pictured above along with the 'spire' (the tall silver pole).

Christchurch in Dublin. The church was an important authority in Berkeley's time and the seat of Anglican ecclesiastical authority in Ireland.

Nearby is St. Patrick's Cathedral - pictured above. Berkeley's close friend and literary giant Jonathan Swift is buried in this church.

We were given a tour of Trinity College Dublin by Paul O'Grady (philosopher). In the College Chapel is the stained glass above. As the bottom of the window indicates, the glass was dedicated to the memory of Berkeley, who was a fellow of Trinity College.

The Quay (pronounced 'key') in central Dublin.

Back inside Trinity College, Tom and I pose next to an original portrait of Berkeley.

While at Trinity, Paul got us in to see the Book of Kells - the best preserved illuminated manuscript in the world. Pictures were not allowed inside the exhibit.

The main library of Trinity College is named after Ireland's most famous philosopher.

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