October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 20: In pursuit of Berkeley: Cork to Cloyne

After one day in Dublin, we flew to Cork in southern Ireland. Pictured above is the main quad of the National University of Ireland - Cork.

Ireland is both as green and as lovely as it is rumored to be. This is a picture from on the campus of NUI-Cork.

We came to Cork because of its proximity to Cloyne - a small town that was the seat of an Anglican Bishopric. Berkeley was the Bishop of Cloyne from 1733/4 until his death in 1753. The 'Round Tower' above is a 10th century tower that stands across from St. Coleman's Cathedral.

The front of St. Coleman's Cathedral - where Berkeley was bishop, preached, and worked for the benefit of the people of Ireland. He was a tireless advocate in his day for the Irish, especially the poor.

Inside St. Coleman's there is a shrine to Berkeley. Here Tom and I stand next to a plaque dedicated to Berkeley.

A marble bier of Berkeley. He is actually buried in Oxford, England. He left his bishopric to treat an illness and never returned.

The outside of St. Coleman's. The graveyard and main building are not in perfect repair, but the parish is seeking to renovate the church and grounds.

The graveyard has tombstones dating back to the end of the 18th century, but I could not find any that dated back to the time of Berkeley's tenure there.


Right: Me sitting in the bishop's chair. Although the seat has been reupholstered, Berkeley sat here in the mid-18th century. The church does have a number of artifacts that would have been in the building during Berkeley's tenure as bishop.

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