October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 21: Blarney Castle and the Coast

On 27 Jan 2008 after visiting Cloyne, we had just enough daylight to do one more activity. Since Blarney was close, we opted to head over to Blarney Castle - pictured here.

The castle is famous as a ruin and as the current home of the 'Blarney Stone,' whichm when kissed upside down, is supposed to confer upon the person the gift of eloquence.

So, lacking in eloquence, I decided to kiss the Blarney Stone.

From the top of Blarney Castle, a view of some of the surrounding ruins. The castle was once an important fortification and several key battles were fought here.

After visiting Blarney we opted to see the Irish coast. We went to 'Head of Old Kinsale' - one of the many promontories protruding from southern Ireland.

The beaches were rocky and looked to have sections of revealed petrified wood.

At dusk, a parting short of an old tower guarding the coast.
Ireland lives up to its name as the 'Emerald Isle.' Even in January the area is mostly green. Although we had several good days of weather, it did rain a lot (especially in Galway).

We were to have a second day in Dublin, but because Ryan Air canceled our flight and we had to reschedule, we lost one full day there. Nonetheless, the trip was successful. I gave three sets of talks, found lots of interesting Berkeley things, and enjoyed my visit.

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