October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 23: The Yorkshire Moors

I had to catch a train late Saturday night for an early Sunday flight back to Estonia. So Tom, Keith Allen (another York philosopher), and I took the day to explore the Yorkshire moors. A moor is like a high flat plateau. In the moors are old abbeys (like the Carthusian one above) and castles.

It snowed the day before and so the moors were haunting in their beauty. I pictured Wuthering Heights. We briefly got stuck in the snow on a tiny road - great fun.

The roads across the moors were small and there are few people in the area, just a few scattered farms and the occasional tiny village in some of the valleys that follow rivers through the moors.

Sometimes the desolation is palpable. I love the single tree. Other areas in the moors are heavily wooded, so there is actually more diversity on the moors than one might expect.

Still in the moors lies Riveaux Abbey - it once controlled the wool trade for all of northern England. The church and grounds, now in ruins, was obviously once quite spectacular.

While in the area we also visited Helmsley Castle in Helmsley. Northern England is not quite littered with castles, but there are a lot of them.

Keith and I pose next to some sculptures meant to depict medieval soldiers just outside Helmsley Castle.

We stopped at 'Cleveland Way' which is on the edge of the moors overlooking the Yorkshire Dales. Behind me is snowy moorland, in front stretching for miles are the green dales.

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