October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 25: Magical Prague 21-25 March 2008

On 21 March I left for Prague, Czech Republic. Paul McLaughlin and I were on a 'Tartu Ulikooli' tour - both giving lectures at several universities there. Paul's partner Marta and Paula joined us for the trip. Here is a picture of the Vlatava that runs through the center of Praha.

Looking back up towards Prague Castle (Praha Hrad) and the gorgeous city of Prague. For the first leg of the trip we stayed near the castle - it was a 15-20 minute walk into the Old Town of the city across of the river.

The famous astronomical clock in the old town square.

While we were in Praha, Paula and I got engaged. Here she is modeling her new ring next to a poster outside of our room in the pension where we stayed. The 'Marco-Polo' poster is fitting since Paula had previously taken to calling us that.

While in Prague I also visited the Museum of Communism - a museum dedicated to the experience of Czechs between 1948 and 1989 under communist rule. The exhibits included accounts of Czechs who opposed the regime, details of the "Prague Spring" and the (failed) revolution of 1968.

Near the Natural History Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square (see below left) is a cross memorial to a young man who immolated himself in protest against the communist government. The revolution in 1989 is called the "Velvet Revolution" because, at least in the Czech Republic, there was no violence - it was done 'softly.' As far as I can tell, the events in Estonia were more tense during 're-independence' there.

A picture of Wencelas Square in Prague. The area is rather touristy now, but has historical significance.

Some of the relics from the communist period in the Museum of Communism. The museum has some great displays. Oddly, the museum now sits next to a fast food place and shares a building with a casino - new signs of the times.

A striking picture of the river, the Charles bridge, and Prague Castle.

The formal front entrance to Prague Castle. We got to see the changing of the guard as well. The castle is the largest (in terms of area) in all of Europe. The grounds are enormous.

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