October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 26: Mystical Prague, 21-25 March 2008

Ok, so I am not sure whether Prague is 'mystical,' but it is an excuse to have a second page of pictures. Here Paula and I pose for a shot looking out from the castle over the city.

In the center of the castle is St. Vitus's Cathedral - a dramatic and large gothic building. We were there at the right time - late afternoon - and the sun through the stained glass windows bathed the church pillars in colors.

Inside St. Vitus is a small area dedicated to St. Wenceslas. Above this room, well protected, are the crown jewels of the Czech Republic.

A shot of Charles Bridge from one of the entrance towers. We had all kinds of weather in Praha - sunny and warm to a blizzard (see below!). The bridge is notable for its statues lining the way.

In another part of the castle is the 'Golden Alley,' an area preserved from medieval times. It is basically an alley of shops and exhibits, including a rather spectacular collection of medieval weapons and armor. Here I am at the entrance to the exhibition.

A statue in the Klementium (a former counter-reformation Jesuit university, now a part of Charles University). As you can see, on one day we had a small snow storm (but none of the snow actually stayed and the next day it was beautiful). Anyway, the statue commemorates the students who fought against the rampaging Swedes in the 30 years war.

Inside the Klementium is an astronomical tower where observations were made. Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler did their work in Praha (mostly in the castle and not in the Klementium I am told). This shot looks out toward the Old Town and the spires of the Tyn Church.

Me outside the entrance to the Kafka museum. The museum was very 'literary' with odd artistic depictions of some of his unusual stories. You should ask mischievous Paula what she was doing right before she took this picture.

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