October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 30: Karvajalad - Korvpall!

When I first arrived in Estonia in August of 2007, I basically knew only one person (and he lived in Tallinn, nearly 190km away). Before long, however, Leo Luks (a graduate student in the philosophy department) discovered that I liked to play basketball and he invited me to play with his group one night in September. I turned up, probably a looking a bit lost, and had a good time. As it turned out, the group I met consisted of a great bunch of guys from all walks of life in and around Tartu, ranging from 20 to nearly 50 years of age. I am grateful I had the chance to meet them, learn from them, to play basketball (korvpall) with them, and get some badly needed exercise. In the late fall they invited me to join their local recreational league basketball team, and so I did. Our team was called 'Karvajalad' (lit: "Hairy Legs").

Playing in the rec-league turned out to be quite an experience. One game was played at the local prison against a team of prisoners. (We won - but it was a rough game.) I can now say I have been 'in prison' in Estonia. Although I was by no means a first-stringer, I got to play and even contributed to the team winning a few times. 

The Karvajalad 2007-8 Official Team Photo (meeskonepilt). Back row (l to r): Ardi Aasmaa, Olev Kooskora, Marko Siniväli, Henrik Sova, Mairo Kooser, Ivar Leppsoo, Andrus Org, and Marc Hight. Front row (l to r): Kaido Vahkal, Leo Luks, Rainer Schmidt, Risto Veskioja, and Arvo Pattak. Not pictured: Erki 'Villu' Mardo (but see below left).

Official photo after a game. Back row (l to r): Erki 'Villu' Mardo, Olev Kooskora, Mairo Kooser, Ardi Aasmaa, Andrus Org, Ivar Leppsoo. Front tow (l to r): Arvo Pattak, Rainer Schmidt, Risto Veskioja, and me. Not pictured (but see above right): Marko Siniväli, Leo Luks, Henrik Sova, and Kaido Vahkal.

A night of training in early April. We play at a local high school gymnasium close to the Tartu University library.

More action during training!

Mairo, Henrik, and Rainer resting while watching another game.

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