October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 31: Roomet has a Birthday - 16 April 2008

On 16 April Roomet decided to celebrate the 34th anniversary of his birth with a party in the Centre for Ethics.

The tradition in Estonia is that you throw or host your own birthday party. Lots of people turned up for it!

Bruno, Veiko, and Jaan sampling the wares and talking deep philosophy.

Marko poses for the camera in his wife's Princeton sweater.

A typical Roomet shot - a crazed look in his eye, a bottle in each hand... and milk (piim) with which to wash it down.

Ok, a more usual picture of Roomet. Here he is about to make a toast - Palju õnne sünnipäevad Roomet! (Happy birthday!)

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