October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 33: Uppsala and Bodafors, 24-28 April 2008

I left Stockholm and traveled north to Uppsala, an old university town. I had the day to explore before giving my paper that afternoon. The city boasts a castle with some pretty grounds, seen here.

A picture of the main university building at Uppsala University. The city has a 'university town' feel to it - much like Tartu and Turku in Finland.

Inside the cathedral in Uppsala. The church houses several monarchs and a few other famous persons as well....

including Linneaus (Linne in Swedish), the famous biologist/taxonomist who developed the current system of binomial nomenclature that we use to classify plants and animals today. It is hard to make out, but he is buried here.

After my day in Uppsala, I boarded a train and headed several hundred kilometers south to the small village of Bodafors, where The Belfrages live. The house across the lake is theirs - a lovely old mansion.

Bertil is a Berkeley scholar like myself and we spent three days discussing all things early modern and a potential project concerning the works of the Irish philosopher. Occasionally for a break we would take a walk in the woods.

Bertil and I in his parlor - this is where we spent many hours talking and working and thinking. Bertil is now retired from Lund University.

Bertil, Birgit, and myself on my last evening. The Belfrages were wonderful hosts. I ate really well on the strength of Birgit's excellent culinary skills.

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