October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 34: Ropes Course, Otepلل 10 May 2008

On 10 May I was invited to a birthday party for Heidi Williams to be held in Otepلل - the sports capital of Estonia. The activity for the day was a 'ropes course.'

So here I am about 5 meters up on the first 'training' course learning how to use and trust my harness while using steel 'ropes' (cables) to cross between trees.

A picture of me and Tonis Piip before we started the grand adventure.

Parts of the course were really tiring and required a surprising amount of upper body strength. At the end of each stage, however, there was a zip line - lots of fun. Here I am zipping down a long cable after stage 5.

Eric Piip goes out on to the line while Rob Dunbar waits for his turn. I think there were about 20 of us all together.

Heidi (on the left) and her husband Brian. Brian is in the US military and works at the Baltic Defense College here in Tartu. They live in North Carolina/Virginia when in the US.

A picture of the worst of the course - if you look closely you can see the lines and bits for part of the 'trail' in the trees. I did it though!

After we finished the ropes course, we had a picnic party. The wind was up a bit so Heidi had to blow out the candles on her cake in a sheltered spot.

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