October 28th, 2021
Hight's Sabbatical Pictures

Part 37: Peterhoff and back to Estonia,18 May 2008

On the last day of my trip to Russia, we stopped on the way out of St. Petersburg at Peterhoff - Tsar Peter's 'Summer Palace' some 30km outside of the city. This is a view of the main palace from the 'upper gardens.'

Peterhoff is famed for its Versailles-like fountains. Here is the main cascade near the rear of the main palace. I am told the gardens are laid out 'in French style' but are not actually modeled on Versailles.

Another fountain in the gardens with a 'small' building near it. The gardens do no use pumps, instead using gravity and a spring source many kilometers away.

Unfortunately it was a rainy day, but the gardens and fountains were spectacular nonetheless. The area of the gardens is, as I recall, about 100 hectares.

A view of the main cascade via a telephoto lens probably a half a kilometer away.

The same location as at left, but with the Euro College group. I am standing on the right in my black jacket.

One the prettier fountains to my mind. This is known as the 'Lion Cascade' because of two stone lions placed on either side of the Greek structure (only one is visible in this picture).

Eventually we had to leave and braved the Russian roads to return to Estonia. Here we are just about to leave the border station at Ivangorod to cross over into Narva, Estonia. The fortress on the right is in Russia, the white tower (Hermann's Tower) is on the Estonian side of the river.

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