September 28th, 2020
Fall 2001  

Philosophy 301 "Ancient and Medieval Philosophy." (L to R): Chris Russo, C. V., Ross Wilson, Prof. Hight, Andrew Sinclair, John Harman, Robert Park, Michael David, Shawn Connors.  Not pictured: Will Anderson.
Philosophy 202.03 "Introduction to Philosophy"

No picture available. I took one, but something happened....

Class: Colin Brown, Chris Cin, Stuart Doley, Mike Farrell, Matt Ferguson, John David Gibson, Joel Hopkins, Bob (James) Jackson, Richard Moncure, Hamilton Nobles, Robert Park, Ryan Rafferty, J. Winston Read, Ryan Rilee, Charles Smith, Chris Stanbery, Billy Templeton.

  Philosophy 303 "Contemporary Philosophy"

No picture available.

Class: Greg Justice. Lonely Greg. See how far the course has grown since....



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