September 28th, 2020
Fall 2003  

Philosophy 305 "Contemporary Philosophy" (L to R): David Gonzales, Cameron Cezayirli, Carl "Nick" Wallace, John Perry, Charles Smith.

Philosophy 201.03 "Logic"  

No picture available.

Class: Will Anderson, Matt Clark, Shawn Connors, Scott Crawford, Adam Forsberg, William "Chase" Kurtz, Ronnie Lopez, Ross Michels, Kris Moore, Andy Pemberton, Matt Scanlon, Daniel Shank, William "Mike" Thompson, William "Chris" Turner, Asim Wilson.

Then... and now!

Our very own Will Anderson turned out to be a successful lawyer and is flourishing in Florida! (Updated October 2019). Below is Will with his lovely wife and two daughters.



Philosophy 301 "Ancient and Medieval Philosophy"

No picture available.

Class: James Billings, Ben Chambers, Bryan Dunkum, Michael Gardner, David Gonzales, Robert Hamilton, James Jordan, Mark Kearney, Scot McMurtrie, Andy Pemberton, Mark Wilkins.




Honors 101 "The Science and Philosophy of Science Fiction" 

No picture available.

Class: Jason Bart, Ryan Callahan, John Crowder, James (Matt) Curry, Stephen English, Everett Gardner, Charles Gundlach, Frank Heery, Evan Nasteff, Stephen (Ryan) Newcomb, Michael Rutkowski, Nathan Schnetzler, Shyam Siedel, Carter Smith, James "Stitch" Waters, William (Matt) Weekley, and Kyle (Mike) Winter.   


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