September 28th, 2020
Fall 2006  

Philosophy 304 "19th Century Philosophy" (Standing, L to R): J.M. Jenkins, Timmy 'Texas Ranger' Adams, Connellee Armentrout, Clark Chapman, Casey Ariail, Ryan Carter. (Seated, L to R): Seth Cooper, Price Gutshall, Jason Bart.

Philosophy 312 "Philosophy of Science" (L to R): Connellee Armentrout, Seth 'I can't get enough Hight courses' Cooper, Ross Garrison, Neal Eike, Josh Schniper, Price Gutshall.

WCUL 103-002 "Western Culture Since 1815" (Standing, L to R): Will Showalter, McLean Bean, Brandon Clapp, Jeff Kiser, Greg Williams, Tom Putnam, David Bowen, Chase Linger. (Seated, L to R): Matt Davis, Seth Cooper, Jeff 'I'm a Marxist' Roberts, Craig 'The Talker' Miller.

The Defense Team....

Western Culture found "Not Guilty" by narrowest margin yet - 11 to 10.

The Prosecution Team....

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