September 28th, 2020
Fall 2008  

Philosophy 304 "19th Century Philosophy" (Standing L to R): Greg Williams, Alexander "Camp" Campolieto, Will Houtz, Adam Curtis, Robert Chapman-Smith, Joshua Bohannon, and J.C. Miller.

Philosophy 210 "Ancient and Medieval"  (Standing L to R): Boaz Young-el, Thomas Gormley, Will Houtz, Thomas Browne, Robert Chapman-Smith, Carson Gressly, Matt Vail, Oliver Timmer, Curtis Springer. (Kneeling L to R): Abigail Bowman, Robert Clemmer, Brett Chonko, Gregorio Pacheco, Dean McGaughey.

Philosophy 201 "Formal Logic" (L to R): Richard "Jack" Ruddy, Bryan Van Etten, Zachary Pierce, Adam Curtis, Kyle Martin, Matt Jones, and Austin Stallings.

WCUL 103 "Western Culture since 1815"
(L to R): Shawn Robinson, Brandon Wood, Andrew Mauney, Thomas Orange, J.B. "Two Shacks" Potter, Brett Chonko, Johnson "Jack" Carpenter (seated), Kevin McEligot, Chris Martin, and Samuel Wallace.

Western Culture on Trial 2008: Prosecution wins, 7-6 in the jury decision.

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