September 28th, 2020
Fall 2011  

Philosophy 210 "Ancient and Medieval Philosophy"
Standing (L to R):  Benjamin Hartnett, Paul Ferramosca, Luke Schroeder, Doran Bouchard, Daniel Hopkins, Matt Buchanan, Will Riggins, Christian Hebert-Prior, Ben Durham, Jeremy Lachman, Palmer Bowen. Sitting (L to R): Michael Baxter, Davonte Bradley, David Williams. 


Philosophy 305 "Contemporary Philosophy"
Standing (L to R): Kyle "G-Boy" Gilbert, Thomas "you took a philosophy class why?" Browne, Luke "stop using Star Wars jokes" Schroeder, Neil "it used to be about air knucks, but now it is about making it to class" Smith, Phil "color is subjective dammit" Bailey, Will "yea, I don't like that" Flory. Sitting (L to R): Dapper Davonte "the sleeper" Bradley, Christopher "I am not a terrorist just because I am from Chicago and in a fraternity" Deen.

Philosophy 102 and WCul 101: Living and Learning Community 
(L to R):  Harry Smith, Andrew Ward, Joe Bean, Greg Casey, Hunter Coats, Hunter Retan, Robbie Keefe, Scott Markland, Alex "I know the 3 parts of a good argument" Faig, Adam Florian, Nelson Ippolito, Brandon Southworth, Alex Coleman, Garrett Salyer, Aaron Alexander.



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