September 28th, 2020
Fall 2012  

Philosophy 210 "Ancient and Medieval Philosophy"
Standing (L to R):  Bryon "Can't Keep Him Quiet" Hines, Lewis Bell, Paris "Random French City" Wood, Dylan Schlaak, Jay Brandt, Jonathan "J-Wade" Wade, Ryan Rivas, Mitchell Pereira, James "Rob" Loflin. Sitting (L to R): Robert Keefe, Justyn "Two, no, Three Alarm" Tisdale.


At Right: Justyn and Ryan demonstrating the appearance-reality distinction. Apparently they are keeping it real.


Honors 101: Why People Believe Weird Things

Back standing (L to R): Taylor "Oooo!" Anctil, John Kroencke, Grant Gubbins, David Hart, Nathan "I Love Me Some Matching Socks" Knox, Joshua "Quiet Man" Taylor, David Foulke, Sawyer "It's Legitimate" Klein, Cameron Tilley, Justin Parker, Larry "On Time" Bowers, Patrick Whitesides, Will Brantley, Sean Manos. Front standing (L to R): Prof. Jennifer "Loves to Vote" Dirmeyer (co-taught the course), Ryan Justus, Jeff Mburu, Travis Goodloe, Sam "The Pointer" Johnson.

Honors 101 - Paintball Excursion!

In late September, we headed out to Zwackerz for some male bonding. Nothing bonds better than being shot at point blank range by your mates! Standing (L to R): Jeff Mburu, John Kroencke, Sean Manos, Ryan Justus, David Foulke, Prof. Hight, Will Brantley, Sawyer Klein. Kneeling (L to R): Nathan Knox, Sam Johnson, Cameron Tilley, Taylor "The Beast" Anctil.

Philosophy 385 "Philosophy of Political Economy"
(L to R): Will "That's Just Not Right" Flory, Grigory "Grish" Makarenko, Prof. Kevin "I Wish I had a Watch" Dunn, Phil Bailey, Alex "The Welcher" Cartwright, Luke "Wait, I need to change my mind if I am agreeing with you" Schroeder, and Dylan DelliSanti.

Philosophy 304 "19th Century Philosophy"
Standing (L to R): Daniel "Loves Little Pink Ponies" Hopkins, Dylan "See? I Can Be Non-Preppy" Bishop, Will "That Will" Flory, Will "Never Met a Thresher I Didn't Want to Fall Into" Riggins, Luke "The Sweaterman" Schroeder, Benjamin "I Coulda Been a Marxist" Hartnett. 

Did anything else cool and exciting happen in the Fall of 2012?

Yes! Prof. Hight rescued Liesl - a 7 lb mini-Dachshund in December. 



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