September 28th, 2020
Fall 2013  

Philosophy 210 "Ancient and Medieval Philosophy"
Standing (L to R): Dylan Johnson, Drake Bishop, Skyler Whitfield, Russell Taylor, Matt O'Donnell, Joe Bean, and Alex Abbott.

Philosophy 305: "Contemporary Philosophy"
Standing (L to R): Bryon "I ain't free" Hines, Daniel Hopkins, Dylan Schlaak, Ryan Rivas, and Benjamin Hartnett.

Philosophy 103: "Introduction to Philosophy Through Science Phicton"  

Standing (L to R): Logan McDonald, Caleb "I'm not sleeping" Swiney, Michael Kim, Zach Martin, Alec Gouax, David Hill, and Wilbur Earp. In front (L to R): Bryce Jones, Sidney "Suzanne" Henry, and Alex Abbott.

Western Culture 103: "Western Culture 1815 to Present"

(L to R): Christian Clifton, Will Lacey, Mitch "7 December what?" Owens, Nathan Knox, Alex "Cone of Silence" Trivette, Atticus O'Brien, Will "The Card Dispenser" Brantley, Andrew Gass, Chris Hawk, Baker Allen, Joe Bean, Bo Turney, and Caleb Swiney.

Western Culture Debate: "What if the South Had Won?"

On 17 November 2013 the class staged a formal public debate. Using their historical and western culture skills, the class engaged in counter-factual analysis to debate the impact of a Confederate victory on the subsequent development of western culture.

The Affirmative Team (arguing that a Confederate victory would have slowed the development of western culture, L to R): Bo Turney, Will Brantley, Atticus O'Brien, Will Lacey, Andrew Gass, Caleb Swiney, Baker Allen.

Western Culture Debate

The Affirmative team won the debate, but the balloting (submitted by judges consisting of HSC students, faculty, staff members, and a few members of the community) was close.

The Negative Team (arguing that a Confederate victory would not have slowed the development of western culture, L to R): Mitch Owens, Alex Trivette, Nathan Knox, Joe Bean, Chris Hawk, Christian Clifton. 

And also in the Fall of 2013....Liesl continued to be irredeemably adorable.



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