September 28th, 2020
Fall 2016  

Philosophy 304 "19th Century Philosophy"
Standing (L to R): Logan Leathers and Garrett Gateley.

Logan and Garrett gave public presentations on contemporary applications of Marxism at the end of the term.


Philosophy 102: "Introduction to Philosophy Through Science Phicton"  

Class: Page Ewell, Andrew Field, Adam Hade, Shelby Hanna, Duncan Keefe, Jake Mitchell, Isidro "Izzy" Pride, Preston Rowe, and Alex "Spider Monkey" Smith.  


Philosophy 312: "Philosophy of Science"

(L to R): Robert Bolson, Stuart Cheney, Troy Hamner, Harrison McNabb, Brendan Schwartz, and Colin Williams.


Sadly, bad timing and camera error precluded me from having photos of Phil 102, Phil 312, and Phil 285. They were all great classes....


Philosophy 285: "Philosophy of Political Economy"

Students in the class as a "capstone" of sorts authored new constitutions for the United States and publicly defended them.

Class: Davis Dipboye, Connor Eads, Graham Ferguson, Addison "The Eugenicist" Gills, Troy Hamner, Justin Jarrett, Logan Leathers, Vladimir Paraschiv, Matthew Randall, and Colin Williams.



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