September 28th, 2020
Fall 2017  

Philosophy 305 "Contemporary Philosophy"
(L to R): Jon/Jack Pace, Shelby Hanna, Connor "I don't need sleep" Eads, Alex "Gary" Smith, Sam "The Sloth" Melson, Jacob Clayton, Nick Alphonso.

Philosophy 305 students searching for the hole in Sam Melson's head. Students wrote their final papers developing and defending a theory of hole ontology.

Philosophy 210: "Ancient and Medieval Philosophy"

(L to R): Daniel Krohn, Dalton Hall, Thomas "The Calvinist" Rolf, Austin Obenshain, David McElrath, Kiefer Pfister, Auberon "Green Bay won't lose a game all ye... oops" Crocker, Thomas Stauffer, Nick Alphonso, Connor "Waterboy" Eads, Marcus Ayoub, and Neal Reynolds.

The Philosophy 210 group trying to decide what a "silly" photo might look like - but like Zeno find they cannot move themselves to decide.

Philosophy 201: "Formal Logic"

(L to R): Khalil Johnson, Colin Myers, Alex "Spider Monkey - I thought he was Gary" Smith, Liesl, Joseph "Tate" Socha, Jack-Jon Pace, Brian Tarnai, Devin Daughterty, Shelby "I just want to win the homework point total competition" Hanna, Connor "Sunflower" Eads, Robert Morris, Houston McDowell.


Philosophy 102: "Introduction to Philosophy"  

(L to R): Nasim Al-Saadawi, Drew Gustafson, Jonah Popp, Ryan "one t" Yeates, Bjore Samard, Zach Stephan, Quinn Shipps, Mason Salyer, George "on time" Tryfiates, Thomas "the Communist" Salamon, John "ball-hog" Broughall, Liesl, Connor Evans, Chris Thompson, Damain "Rodriguez" Martinez-Pineda, Jack King. 



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