September 28th, 2020
Fall 2018  

Philosophy 216 "Philosophy of Political Economy"
(Standing, L to R): Prof. Carson (auditing), Jacob de Haas, David "I'm not exactly a libertarian"  Waugh, Bjore "don't forget my accent mark" Samard, Keifer Pfister, Zach Toney.
(Seated, L to R): Will Schlager, Luke White, Shelby Hanna, Niko Reinson.


Philosophy 385: "Philosophy of History"
(L to R): Alex Smith, Tyler Hines, Shelby Hanna, Kiefer "Bobby" Pfister, John Broughall, Crew Smith.

Philosophy 102: "Introduction to Philosophy"  
(L to R:) Ben Sultzer, Aaron D'Amato, Nick "It's my day" Ikley, Daniel Pearce, Aaron Paulisch, Chaise Johnson, Michael "I love Ayn" van Citters, Scott Ferguson, Connor Cronk, Maguire "the relativist" Ziegler, Jacob Justus, Ran Minter, Brooks Bynum, Jack Lee, and Nick "Mr. SFS" Hall.







In Memoriam

Liesl Hight

September 2018


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