September 28th, 2020
Spring 2007  

Philosophy 303 "Empiricism and Kant" (Standing L to R): Timmy "Texas Ranger" Adams, Greg Williams, Thomas Cauley, Casey Ariail, Joshua Bohannon, Kyle Spencer. (Seated L to R): Patrick Yeatts, Brian 'Broilerman' Thompson, 'Le bon David' Harp.

Philosophy 385 "Radical Political Philosophy"  (L to R): Patrick von Holt, Joshua Sorey (seated), Nick "gotta love the Irish" Finucan, Lee Johnson, Joshua Bohannon, John Louis (front), Casey Ariail, Price Gutshall, Zach Dussault, J.M. "the talker" Jenkins, Ryan "I love to smoke" Carter.

Philosophy 102 "Introduction to Philosophy" (Standing L to R): George Elliott, Alex "never says anything" Bell, Thomas Landen, Nick "2" Junes, Taylor Neal, Graham Tate, Kirby Preroff, Scott "David" Cain. (Seated L to R): Allen West, Brad Cook, Craig Gurchinoff, Nick "1" Mason. Not pictured: Chris Norman, Sam Rosten.

Philosophy 217 "Philosophy of Religion"
(L to R): J.C. Miller, Jimi Lancaster, Chase Linger, Clark "don't ask about the eye" Chapman, Seth Cooper, Stuart Pannill, Ashleigh Kimmons, Quinn Duckett, Connellee Armentrout. Not pictured: Thomas Cauley.

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