September 28th, 2020
Spring 2009  

Philosophy 413/412 Capstone Seminar (Philosophy of Social Science). At the Capstone lexicon party at the Hight House. (L to R): Joshua Bohannon, Brandon Wood, Boaz Young-el, J.C. Miller (you can just see him next to Bo), Will Houtz, Ashleigh Kimmons, Robert Chapman-Smith, Greg Williams, Prof. Hight, Lee Johnson, Andrew Mauney, John "Alex" Campolieto, Seth Cooper (seated).  

Official Capstone photo with the 2009 Capstone guest scholars. Back (L to R): Alex Campolieto, Prof. Alexander Rosenberg (Duke University), Prof. Daniel Hausman (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Lee Johnson, Greg Williams, Seth Cooper, Joshua Bohannon, and Will Houtz. Front row (L to R): Andrew Mauney, Ashleigh Kimmons, Brandon "I like to hold posters" Wood, Robert Chapman-Smith, and "Smilin' Bo" Young-el. Not pictured: J.C. Miller.

At dinner 20 April 2009 with the capstone guests.

Another table during the second capstone dinner. The previous night we went to Charley's in town.

A nice wide, professional shot of the capstone students and guests. J.C. is here and visible this time - third from the left.


Do not forget the Philosophy Capstone Fund!

Be brilliant!

Phil 303: Empiricism and Kant. Back row (L to R): Scott Carpenter, Dean McGauhey, Brandon Wood, Robert Chapman-Smith, Mo Sahoo. Seated (L to R): Ashleigh Kimmons, Lee Johnson (with Kant's Critique of Pure Reason in his hands), Matt Jones, and Will Houtz.

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