September 28th, 2020
Spring 2010  

Philosophy 102 "Introduction to Philosophy (Sci-Phi)"
(Standing, L to R): Kevin Laffond, Gregory 'Backster' Hollingsworth, Josh Chung, Mason Corey, C. 'Alec' Smith, Edbo Genet, Austin Weiler, Will McAbee, Dawid 'Woz' Wozniak, Matt Stephens, Chris Kampfmueller, Will Kelly, Chris Rhodes. (Front/Seated, L to R): Navadda 'Slade' Weldon, Charles Benhase, Riggs Roberson.


Honors 102 "Philosophy and Economics of South Park"
Standing (L to R): Patrick McCue, Forrest Allen, Grigory Makarenko, Alec 'don't sneeze on me' Jentink, Matt 'achoo' Buchanan, Ryan Carter, Braxton Elliott, Alex Clay, Dylan Bishop, Jonathan Gregg, Franklin Bowers. (Front): Stephen Nelson. (Not pictured: Zach Fox).

Philosophy 302 "Early Modern Rationalists"
(L to R): Boaz Young-el, Christopher Deen, Neil Smith.


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