September 28th, 2020
Spring 2011  

Philosophy 102 "Introduction to Philosophy (Sci-Phi)"
(Standing, L to R):  Daniel "don't call me Dan" Adams, Hollis Chambers, David Wills, Davonte Bradley, Keegan Wetzel, Timothy "Hunter" Proffitt, Matt Freeman, Nathan Ott, Regis Craft, Sam Keller, Trent Joyner, John Barber. (Front/Kneeling, L to R): David Williams, Paul Ferramosca, Michael Baxter, Karlton Davis, Rick O'Connell. 


Philosophy 217 "Philosophy of Religion"
Standing (L to R): Matt "I love Gorgon" Jones, Walt Milam, Neil "More Airknucks than Ever" Smith, Christian "Can't Stop Me" Hebert-Pryor, Will Riggins, Ben Hartnett, Derek "Hunter" DiPaolo.

Philosophy 303 "Early Modern Empiricism and Kant"
(L to R): Andrew Mauney, Jacob Haines, Phil Bailey, Will Flory, Adam "Don't Panic, wait... Panic" Lees, Matt Stephens, and Avery "Never met a non-word I did not want to try and turn into one" Moncure.


New arrival in the basement of Morton: February 2011 this 8000 piece puzzle of Raphael's Scuola de Athena (original in the Vatican) assembled by yours truly was hung in the Ivory Basement.

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