September 28th, 2020
Spring 2012  

Philosophy 412 "Capstone Seminar: Berkeley"
(Standing, L to R):  Hight, Christopher Deen, Kyle Gilbert, Luke Schroeder, Neil Smith, Will Flory, Phil Bailey, Dylan Bishop, Will Riggins. (Front/Sitting, L to R): Prof. Margaret Atherton, Prof. George Pappas. 

Capstone week was 9-11 April 2012. The guest scholars conducted seminars, delivered public talks, and worked with the students in individual tutorials. And, of course, there was plenty of eating out and socializing.


Philosophy 412 was the best of times... Will "Ricearigeroni" Riggins displays his ability to wear something other than T-shirts and old polos after delivering his oral presentation in Phil 412 on Berkeley and the Eucharist.

Philosophy 302 "Early Modern Rationalism"
(L to R): Luke Schroeder, Ben Durham, Matt "I love my pony" Buchanan, Dylan Bishop, Kyle "I promise to bring food each night" Gilbert (aka "Math is stupid"), Will Riggins, Ben "I rule the world from the far end of the table" Hartnett.

Phil 201 "Formal Logic"
(L to R): Jonathan "J-Wade" Wade, Grigory Makarenko, Davonte Bradley, Dylan Schlaak, David Roy, Fred Antoine, David Williams, Hunter "the man who talked too much" Retan, Josh Early, Joe Bean.



March of Dimes Charity Event, May 2012: Here we see Thomas Orange dunking Hight out front of Morton Hall by the Bell Tower (notice how far he had to push forward though for the throws....). I was the second highest income earner for the day.

  Special note: Prof. Carilli also participated, being the top income generator. I myself dunked him three times in a row.... :)


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