September 28th, 2020
Spring 2013  

Philosophy 303 "Early Modern Empiricism and Kant"
(Standing, L to R):  Ben "Dare me to talk" Hartnett, Jonathan "JWade" Wade, Dylan "Buble" Schlaak, and Ryan "Yes, I mean no" Rivas. 

Philosophy 217 "Philosophy of Religion"  
(L to R): Raine McMillan, Daniel Hopkins, Jeremy Lachman, Ryan Rivas, Dylan Schlaak, Bryon Hines, and Jonathan Wade.

Who knew religion could be so fun?

Honors 102: "Thinking about Weird Things"
(L to R): Joshua "I have nothing to say" Taylor, Patrick Whitesides, Nathan "What? I'm on time today" Knox, David Hart, Samuel Johnson, Cameron "Why shouldn't I put my finger in the outlet?" Tilley, and Justin Parker.

Ethics Bowl Victory... Again!

Hampden-Sydney Wins Second Consecutive VFIC Ethics Bowl Championship

(L to R): Roger Mudd, Will Brantley, Christopher Deen, Ryan Rivas, Baker Allen, and Tom Goode. The team poses with the Batton Cup after the win over Washington and Lee University. The plaque is displayed in the academic awards case in Settle Hall (along with the Batton Cup for one year). 


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