September 28th, 2020
Spring 2014  

Philosophy 302 "Early Modern Rationalism"
(L to R): Bryon Hines, Ryan "I love to make bets with Hight so I can lose and sing the cup song" Rivas, Dylan Schlaak, Daniel Hopkins, and Davonte Bradley. Come on Rivas, remember that challenge concerning whether you could come up with a non-question begging argument for a foundational value....?  

Philosophy 285 "Political Philosophy: Constitutions "  
(L to R): James Crandall, Max "conservative dystopia" Maurer, Kyle Hart, Alec "ah, oui oui!" Gouaux, Ben "clan of the cavemen" Hartnett, and Harrison "on time?" McNabb.

Students drafted and defended their own 21st century constitutions - and did brilliantly!

Honors 102: "Introduction to Philosophy"
(Front/kneeling, L to R): Jack Elliott, John Lloyd, Nate "Colonel" Flagg, Jared "I love my mullet" Arntzen. (Standing, L to R): Alex Georgiou, Ben Shockley, Will Imeson, Carter "come on, I'm only a chemistry minor" Guice, Brian Prowse, Jimmy Mills, James "why don't we study Eastern stuff?" Dargan, Ryan "oh yeah, I get it now" Hudson, Chris Williams, Patrick Evans, Justus "headphones" Dowdy, Colin "don't do that to puppies" Williams, Ron Davis, Daniel Smith, Enrique Ellizondo. Not pictured: Eric <yawn> McDonald. 

Ethics Bowl Retirement

After ten years as serving as the coordinator and co-coordinator of the HSC Ethics Bowl team (including five final round appearances and two championships), I stepped down as coordinator. Thanks to all the team members over the decade....  Prof. Patrick Wilson has taken over in 2014 and is leading HSC to more achievements!

Liesl happy and soaking in some rays from the March sun. She had a good year. She was made a quasi-honorary member of UPLS last fall and has her own pin. I am told her speech was astounding. 


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