September 28th, 2020
Spring 2015  

Philosophy 413: "Philosophy of Social Science" (Capstone)
(Front, L to R): James "the calendar" Crandall, Ryan "make me a bet" Rivas, Bryon "the psych...o" Hines, Joe "normically yours" Bean, and Jonathan "J-Wade wears socks!" Wade.


PHIL 413. Capstone students and distinguished guests, April 2015 (L to R): Prof. Robert Bishop, Jonathan Wade, Bryon Hines, Prof. Hight, Ryan Rivas, James Crandall, Prof. Lee McIntyre, Joe Bean. The topic was the philosophy of social science with an emphasis on the nature of explanation.

Philosophy 303 "Early Modern Empiricism and Kant"
(L to R):  Joe "force and vivacity" Bean, Alex "I love my transcendental unity of apperception" Abbott.

Philosophy 217 "Philosophy of Religion"
(Standing, L to R): Harrison McNabb, Logan "Mr. 3am" McDonald, Alec Gouaux, Grant Gubbins, C. Atticus O'Brien, Max Maurer, Tyler Wagner, Garrett "the quiet one" Gateley, Jack Elliott. (Front, seated, lying down): Ryan "the champ" Kluk, Jared Arntzen.



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