September 28th, 2020
Spring 2016  

Philosophy 302: "Early Modern Rationalism" 
(L to R): Kole Donaldson, Ben Bashore, Kevin or Davis "what do you want to be called anyway?" Dipboye, Joe Bean (seated), Colin Williams, and Alec Gouaux. Not pictured: Logan Leathers.


Philosophy 102: "Introduction to Philosophy"
(L to R): Houston McDowell, Daniel Waltz, Hunter Hoffler, Peter Keenan, Mark Mason, Cecil Tiblin, Auberon Crocker, Tanner Thompson, Stuart Cheney, Justin Jarrett. Not pictured but with us most of the way...: John Harold, Sam "Nash" Johnson, Asanda Msimango, Daniel Villery.



Philosophy 201 "Formal Logic"
(At left, L to R): Logan Leathers, Brad Chester, Connor Burke, Triston Stegall, Noah Brooks, Taylor Hevener, Harrison "I regret this shirt" McNabb, Ethan Sabo. Not pictured: Carrick "I won't oversleep ever again" Irwin, Gabriella Gruder-Poni. Not pictured but with us most of the way...: James Files, Tyler Langhorne.


Liesl completely zonked out sleeping, dreaming of logic students who do all of their homework the entire semester....

The Liesl hanging our with the Paula (recovering from surgery) in March of 2016...


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