September 28th, 2020
Spring 2017  

Philosophy 102: "Introduction to Philosophy" 
(L to R): Austin Ellis, Reuben Retnam, Shane Arceo, Peter Yukich, Don "IH" Barry, Nate Dracon, Hunter Carr, Robert Morris, Spencer Connell, David McElrath, Christian Quick, Will Ziglar, and Duncan Keeley. Not pictured: Sam Lilburn and Jack Weisel.

The class engaged in the experiment of playing "Normic" - a game where a move is crafting a new rule. Team LGH won.


Philosophy 217: "Philosophy of Religion"
(L to R): Austin Obenshain, Brian "I'm awake!" Tarnai, Will Moore, Zach Berry, Bredan Schwartz, Trey Celata, Henry O'Neal. Not pictured: Preston Rowe. 


Philosophy 303 "Empiricism and Kant"
(At left, L to R): Garrett Gateley and Harrison McNabb. Not pictured: Jacob Clayton. 


All three classes made up one class on a Sunday in February or March as Hight had a conference in Las Vegas.  

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