September 28th, 2020
Spring 2018  

Philosophy 412/413: "Contemporary Marxism and Socialism" 
(L to R): Alex "Gary" Smith, Jacob "Never Angry" Clayton, Kiefer Pfister, Shelby Hanna, Sam Melson, Prof. Hight, Jon-Jack Pace, and Austin Obenshain. 


The Capstone students here are pictured outside of Prof. Carilli's "Austrian Economics" course where they gave presentations to the economics students. A good time was had by all! Profs. Schweickart and Hudis were the capstone guests.

Philosophy 302 "The Rationalists"
(At left, L to R): Auberon "Greenbay will win next year..." Crocker, Nicholas Alphonso, Austin Obenshain, Sam Melson, Alex Smith, and Jon Pace.

Auberon Crocker giving us a quick pose in Phil 302. He lost his bet with Prof. Hight that the Greenbay Packers would make the Super Bowl. After Auberon paid up (cupcakes for the class) Hight did too - homemade brownies.

Western Culture 102 "Western Culture II"



Western Culture II (1500-present) met in the upstairs classroom in Maples. At left....
(L to R): Jack Kimberly, Joel Williams, Nathaniel "spring allergies" Lloyd (seated), Tyler LeFevre, Garrett "It's ok to have a dad" Ramsey, David Waugh, Spencer Parrish, Jake Blankinship, Marcellus Wiggins, Jonas Wood, Riggs Jordan.

Special Bonuses for the 2017-2018 year....

The first team ever to solve a Hight-Connolly-Brown HSC Escape Room in April 2018.
(L to R): Bjore Samard, Connor Evans, Shelby Hanna, and Connor Eads. 

Liesl, the official mascot dog of the Philosophy Department, scratched her eye and had to wear a "cone of shame" in the spring of 2018.



Prof. Hight and much of the core crew of the movie Sidekicks. The crew won the inaugural trailer/short film competition for student-faculty made submissions. The cast and crew were much larger - these are just those who attended the awards ceremony.

(L to R): Maryska Connolly-Brown, Kevin Dunn, Geoff "Thumbs Up Thong" Lea, David McElrath, Paula O'Buckley, and Prof. Hight.


At right: Prof. Hight poses with Robert Morris and their awards. Robert won the best student trailer!

Neil Smith - philosophy major par excellance who graduated in 2012 - returns to the Hill for the UPLS spring ball in April 2018.


Neil is here surprised that Prof. Hight has not forgotten Neil's promise to send him a copy of his (Neil's) short film project.


In December 2017 Prof. Hight made his first handcrafted soap (with the assistance of Prof. Dunn). Hight was presenting at the HSCG conference in Atlanta in May (on the relevance of behavioral economics to small businesses) and Dunn said he couldn't go without having first made soap. 

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